knowing your
signature style

is not as simple as taking a quiz, getting a pre-written answer, and then buying the appropriate issue of HGTV magazine to follow some "rules".....

home style

your home style is as unique as your wardrobe, your family tree, or your fingerprint.

This set of activities is designed to walk you through the steps to defining and understanding your unique home design style. Be concerned less with the "right name" of your style, and instead focus on the elements that make you truly feel at HOME. 

You can choose as you work through the steps whether you're defining the style of ONE ROOM, or if you're considering your signature style for your entire HOME. There is no wrong choice, and- in fact- I often go through this process each time I start to plan a new space in my home! 

Have fun, and enjoy the process- but don't dwell for too long! Perfection is not the goal ;) 



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