your home should work harder than you do

with some intentional design choices, and clear systems (supported by the right furnishings), your home can help reduce stress, improve efficiency, and make life happier for everyone who lives in it!

home functions are not as clear cut as the names of each room...

This month's module will walk you through the exercise of defining, clarifying, and solidifying the function of a space in your home- so that when it comes time to design and decorate the space, you are armed with the most important information!

These exercises can be repeated for each space in your home, and probably will need to be updated as the kids grow, needs change, and your lifestyle adjusts. 

What good is a perfectly styled gallery wall if you can't get passed the pile of shoes in the hallway? Let's get it sorted so we can style it once and for all.

Then watch the overview of the worksheets inside!

Follow along with this short training video as I walk though the key questions to consider when determining the PURPOSE of your space.