Planning the key pieces in your design ensures that the rest of the design process is a success!

You have a vision of a completed space that is fueling your inspiration and keeping those creative ideas flowing.

You have a concrete list of functional purposes that this space needs to serve in your home. 

Now it's time to define how the actual room is going to do its job.

Look at the list of tasks/ needs/ purposes that your space needs in order to FUNCTION in the best way it can. Now we're developing plans to put in place to serve those functions. 

For instance: 

Toy Storage = trunk/shelves/cubbies that will help kiddos put their own things away (closed storage if you don't want to look at toys all the time, open options if this is a dedicated play space)

Dining Room Storage (linens and wedding china) = Hutch with open shelving for pretty things AND a concealed storage area for messier folded linens.

Movie Watching Couch + Guest Space = sleeper sofa + chairs/floor pillows/bean bags to accommodate entire family when needed, also consider storage ottoman as coffee table for guest linens and extra blankets

are you ready for the waterfall effect?

This is the stage in designing where I retrace my steps the most often, and also where I find myself solving issues in MULTIPLE areas of a house at once (even when I'm just working on one room)! 

Too much clutter is often the result of too much stuff + spaces in your home not having clear identities.  So the rooms and storage spaces you DO have are forced to overlap and nothing actually knows where it belongs.