Welcome to the most stylish group of DIY Designers around! 

Never feel lost, overwhelmed, or paralyzed in your home design projects again. 

I know you have the skills to create a beautiful and functional family home. And I know you can handle any crafty/ DIY/ thrifty/ creative decor project that comes your way.

But you're not an interior designer.... and that's OK!

I am creating all of the content and resources inside the Academy specifically to help you feel confident, empowered, and intentional with all of your home projects from here on out. 

Then- check out this intro video --->

I will share the most recent video from our Mastermind community (the FB group for all Academy members) as well as all content updates with you here on the HOME page. 

As each Module is created, the links in the left-hand menu on this page will be live. I will be walking through the content one Module at a time with this Early Bird group, and will start over with Module 1 when the doors officially open in June!

video of the moment

Tune in to hear about how to get the most out of your monthly Academy + Mastermind experience! 

May 8 Coffee chat {function}

Each month we will gather together for 2 group meetings: 

  1. Coffee Chat (morning group video chat)
  2. Happy Hour (evening group video chat)

One in the morning, and one in the evening so everyone can find time to attend at least one. I will alter the day/time combo each month so we all have a chance to chat. This meeting will cover the Module of the Month or the Stylish Theme of the Month.

coming up: Happy Hour (may 17- 8pm est)