Designing a Cozy Rustic Office

My latest design project is an office plan for an amazing chica who works from home- balancing a career AND the hustle of owning her own consulting biz. She wanted to create an office that was inspiring, welcoming, and cozy. She had the idea of her dream office in her mind, so we started working together to make her dream space into a reality.


We started planning her space by sharing some inspiration images, from which I created a mood board.  I often start working with a client by creating a mood board that reflects the feeling and the types of functional pieces we will need to include in the room. This visual collage helps create a shared language between us, and gives me a head start in sourcing some of the key design elements we will include in the room. This Cozy Office mood board was especially fun to create as I imagined her dream work space:

Cozy Rustic Office Mood Board: all images are not mine, and are used as part of the client consultation process. 

Katelyn knew that her preferred work space is in a large chair or chaise, and she was dreaming of curling up with her laptop, somewhere to put her coffee, and a cozy arm knit blanket. We identified that her cozy style also had elements of rustic and industrial to it, with lots of warm woven textures, natural materials, and functional pieces to include in the space. 

This room is ONLY for her work space, so we did not need to work in any furniture for clients, guests, or her family.

After the mood board was approved, next I move to the layout of the room. This space had one window, and the door and closet used up an entire wall. 

Configuring the layout of a room often takes 2 or 3 attempts. When the right layout falls in to place- you just know it! This office needed storage, a wall mounted TV, and plenty of comfortable inspiration. 

Cozy Rustic Office Layout

The layout for this room finally fell into place with an oversized chair by the window, a storage bench for extra seating and a nice place to stow extra papers or pillows, and the TV mounted on the wall with an industrial console table for medial components and office storage. 

Katelyn specifically asked for a bar height pub table to use as a standing desk. An overhead floor lamp provides task lighting without requiring any extra electrical work. 

The next step is to source the perfect items for the room, and then I hand over the implementation plan to my client! 

Stay tuned for Before and After photos of the office!