Create Playfully Chic Little Girl Bedrooms (for sisters!)

A client reached out to me with a dilemma: her two daughters' rooms are always the last to get any design love in the house, and she had NO idea how to create special spaces for them to call their own. These rooms needed lots of personality, BUT also needed to grow up with the little ladies. 

I dove in! My own 5-year-old loves "decorating" her room, and has LOTS of ideas about fashion and design. (Wonder where she gets that?!?!?)  What a fun project to dream up not one, but TWO little girl spaces =) 


My goal for these rooms was to create a design that would easily grow up with them over the years.  Kid rooms do not have to be filled with cartoon characters and "kid furniture."  If you are creating coordinating designs, or designing across several rooms and keeping a theme- follow some simple guidelines.

1) Keep furniture styles cohesive.

I chose basic furniture pieces for each room that were either identical, or could mix-and-match in a different space in the future. If pieces are TOO specific to one room, it's hard to move them around in a new house (or after the kids rooms get converted into something else!). 

2) Use variations on a (color) scheme.

For these rooms, I chose four colors to set my color scheme: Main, Accent, WHITE, and Metallic. This made shopping for decor SO EASY- when you know the colors you are restricted to- it's much easier to say NO to all of the distracting decor that you see on the shelves!  Especially in a kid room- keeping the color scheme simple really ties the room together and makes the design feel sophisticated and intentional.

3) Lean towards the multi-functional.

Kids don't stay kids forever! I chose furniture, accessories, and accent pieces that could be re-purposed in other adult rooms in future years if necessary. Just because we have to buy our kids new clothes every year- don't let them grow out of good design, too!

And now what you've been waiting for! The Room Designs!

Shared Design Elements

By including several matching items in each room, I wanted to keep the girls' designs different enough, but still equal (to avoid future fights!). These simple, white, foundational pieces can be updated to countless styles as the girls grow and change their tastes.


Room A: Tranquil Turquoise

My daughter especially loves this room design (and promptly asked me to made a moodboard for her room, too!). I love turquoise as a base color, because it can pair with SO many other accent colors that help it grow up with your little girl. Coral here is a playful and aquatic color pairing that reminds me of mermaids and shells on the beach. 

Room B: Pretty in Pink

The second room is a bit more muted with soft pink, gray, and gold metallic accents. Using the same base furniture, I created a entirely new design with a different rug, pillows, and wall art! 

Let me know if you have a little girl room to makeover at your place, and share your style with me on Instagram! I'm hanging out over there every day sharing my home design adventures and soaking up inspiration from all over the world!  If you won't to connect, follow me at @alyssaturnercairns and tag your home design shots with #ATChomedesign. See you there!

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