Announcing my FREE mini course!


When you walk through your front door, do you fall in love with your home again every time? 

Or, like many of us, do you just rush in, trip over the pile of shoes by the door, throw your keys on the cluttered kitchen counter, and sigh because your house is just another frustration in your already busy and hectic life? 

i understand, and i want to help you love your home!

Before I had the experience of managing a home renovation and planning a major home improvement project- I felt the same way. I didn't know what was wrong with my house, and it seemed like I would never figure it out. Over the last few years, I've focused intently on what it means to optimize my home for myself and my family- and I want to help you figure it out, too!

Because I have a background in education and teaching, I wrote you a course! ;) Each module includes an activity to help you understand your home in a new way, and by the end of the course- you should have a clear definition of what HOME means to you, a list of the minimum requirements you have in any house, and a direction to go with your design plan that will make you obsess over living in your home.

We're all in this together!

This course is also supported by a free Facebook Group where we are chatting about all-things-home-improvement, and sharing before and after stories of our latest projects! Come on in and join the discussion. I can't wait to see what you're working on!