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What the heck is my home Style ANYWAY?!?


Challenge Prep

So you're ready to figure out what your unique home style is- get the house pulled together once and for all- and finally feel proud of your family home? 

You're in the right place to finally figure out:

  1. Why is knowing your home style important? 
  2. Why a cohesive design style can actually save you time and money?
  3. What IS your signature style? Does it have a name? 
  4. What is your design plan for your home moving forward? 

Each day of the challenge, you have a message from me, an activity to complete, and a video where I go into more detail about the day's topic or answer questions from mamas in our community about their signature styles. 


This isn’t a Multiple-Choice, You are (insert style here…..)- type of challenge. 

We are busy people, with hectic schedules, active kiddos, lots of hats to wear (#allthehats) and NOT a lot of time to play interior designer. 

No one (well, except YOU!) expects you to just wake up one day, be your own Joanna (Fixer Upper fans, anyone?) or Hillary (Love It or List It?!?) and create a dreamy home overnight….. 

This is REAL life, and we are working on a REAL design plan for your very REAL family. 

Every day of the challenge will have a video to go along with your email and homework. 

Watch the Day 1 (pre-challenge) video here! 


Day 1

Are you ready to get some style in your life, mama?!?

I’m so excited to dive in to our challenge this week (or however long it takes you to work through the activities) and help you figure out

What the Heck is Your Signature Home Style ANYWAY?!?!?

Understanding your style is the best place to start when you are feeling lost or overwhelmed by the amount of work/ expense/ planning/ and styling that goes into creating a house that feels like your home. 

Your house is where you rest, where you recharge, where you can be vulnerable and feel safe, and (for most of us mamas) it’s where we spend the most of our time raising and loving our kiddos. 

There are SO MANY places to find inspiration for your home: How-To guides, DIY tutorials, home makeover reveals (and that’s just on your Pinterest newsfeed!) This week will help you filter the noise and create a clear plan for your home design that will make every project from here on out easier. simpler. cheaper. and faster.  

(sound good? Great- let’s get started!)

Your Homework today is simple. Don’t overthink it. (and try to limit yourself to 20-30 minutes!) 

Part 1) Close your eyes. Imagine your DREAM HOME. What words describe how you want your home to feel? look? sound? even smell? Open your eyes and write down as many descriptor words about your home as you can! 

Part 2) Log onto Pinterest. (I know…. Pinterest is one of the problems that makes you feel overwhelmed and stuck… but we’re going to use it as a tool!)

Create a new board (secret is ok!) for My Signature Home Style. 

Start searching the key words that you just wrote down for your DREAM HOME, and add as many pins as you like to your board! I have the struggle of getting stuck in the Pinterest-Vortex…. and losing HOURS of productive time in my day. So (if you’re like me!) consider setting a timer for 20-30 minutes and just working on this for a small amount of time. 

Don’t over analyze this too much. You’re pinning images that you love, and not worrying about much else. 

Also, consider revisiting any home design boards that you already have and re-pinning your favorite images to your new board. They will probably stick out to you, and you’ll know which ones you want to “save”! 

Hop over to our community and create a "Style Challenge" post to share your TOP 3 words that describe how you want your home to feel. What was the best best search phrase that helped you find inspiration photos? 

OK- That’s IT! (See, fun right?) Why couldn’t all of our homework involve Pinterest?!?!?

No additional video today- commit your time to the Pinterest homework ;) 

Have fun with this (don't get sucked into Pinterest for too long!) and I'll see you here tomorrow!

day 2

I hope you didn’t lose TOO much time to your Pinterest homework…. But now you’re more than ready to move on with the next step in our design style challenge. 


Before I give you more homework, let’s chat about WHY you need to know what your home style is. 

You’ll never hear me say that there are “rules” to creating your home style, or that one design style is better than another. Your signature home style is as unique to you and your family as your name, or your fashion sense. It reflects you and makes you feel truly at HOME.

Defining your signature design style is like laying out the rules for what belongs in your home. If you know the rules, then you can play the game, right? (sorry- I’m a sports fan, though not an athlete!) 

Armed with a signature home style that is clearly defined (and makes your heart sing!) you can boldly walk into any Target, HomeGoods, or furniture store and say with confidence YES- I know this belongs in my home! (and more often than not, NO- this does NOT fit my style….) and happily move on with your day.

(who doesn’t want to be BOLD, CONFIDENT, and HAPPY? ;) )


OK- today’s homework gets us one step closer to nailing down YOUR unique home style. 

Open the board you pinned yesterday. {Trick: Make your browser window as large as you can to see the most pins at once.}

Do you see any themes emerging? Are there images that stand out that really don’t belong?

See if you can cultivate this board so it is more focused and you start to see some common elements shining through.

SHARE with the community in the group 1 or 2 of your inspiration photos that are your absolute favorite! 

Watch the second video here

Day 3

There are so many types of “styles” out there, that it is easy to get overwhelmed and distracted to the point we either like TOO MANY things and struggle to get a cohesive look when it’s all together in one room, 


“Design Paralysis” sets in, and you don’t know the right things to choose, so you do nothing

Do either of these sound familiar to you? 

Either way, you have wasted lots of time scrolling and still don’t have a home that you love. Defining your style is one of the best steps towards changing that

OK- let’s work on YOUR signature style. 

You’ll never find the “perfect” inspiration photo, because the homes in those designers’ photos on Pinterest or in magazines is NOT your home! 

When I work on making the Design Scheme (or mood-board) as the first step in my client process, I have clients collect lots of images that represent the way they want to feel in their space and create a collage. I look for common threads (shape of furniture, similar items that appear more than 2-3 times, a common accent color, etc!) and group those images together.

Today's homework is to create a STYLE BOARD for your signature style!

Watch the video to learn about how I use Style Boards

Open your Pinterest board, and save your favorite images to a folder on your desktop. I would try to cultivate it down to no more than 12-15 images. 

Then open and choose to make a “Collage” and use images from your Computer. 

 (Feel free to use a word processor or other software, like Canva or PhotoShop, if you have a preference!) 

Watch this additional style board tutorial video for help!

Share your completed, curated home design board with me in the facebook group!

day 4

WOOHOO! You're on a roll, mama!

How are you feeling about the way your signature style is coming together? Are you surprised by anything? 

Pleased to see it all in one place? Panicked that it's not what you were hoping for at all? 

Remember, there are no "rules"- except for the rules you are making for YOUR home! 

Yesterday in the group, we chatted about some traditional home design styles and how you can pull elements of different traditional styles together to create your signature style. 

In addition to naming your style, today's homework is about the "rules" you are putting in place for your home. 

1) NAME your signature style

2) Write THREE RULES that you are going to hold firm in your home design and decor. These can change as your family life and tastes change, but try to keep it to three simple rules for right now.

(ex: "The furniture in my home should have classic silhouettes and match the color palette in my style board."


"Decorative accessories in my home are organic, rustic, and either serve a purpose or are sentimental (no pretty things JUST for the sake of it!)"

Go to our facebook group and share with me your style name and the rules for your home design style. 

Stumped? Post a question under today's video and get some help!!!

Watch the video about naming your home style

Day 5

Thank you for sticking with the process, sharing your progress with me, and letting me be your home style guide for a few days! 

Now, you have a style with an awesome name and simple rules to follow moving forward. 

So what?!?

Today you have a front row seat to the Challenge Masterclass: 

"How to Make Your Signature Style a Reality"

(sound fancy? nah- we'll get right to the point.)

By the end of the video you'll have 3 simple ways to update the style in your home so it is a true reflection of your style, AND there will even be a special treat for everyone who has completed the challenge!!!

Want more design help? Join the Design Mastermind TODAY and let's get started!