more than DECOR

revitalize your WAHM-life in 5 days

Hey mama, it's time to say
No More...

No more dreading holidays because you might have to entertain.

No more stressful and frazzled mom-life because your house is a constant mess. 

No more driving around with bags of decor to return because it's not right.... again. 

No more overwhelm in the pillow aisle because you want to make your house pretty- but don't know where or how to even start....

No more dreaming of the day you get crashed by a TV home makeover show.

I see you doing your best. I got you!

This challenge will walk through 5 days of activities, discussions, and mini-lessons to help you finally feel confident and HAPPY with your WAHM-life. 

what do i mean by WAHM-life?

As women, we juggle SO many different responsibilities and play so many diverse roles throughout the day. How many of these apply to you?!? 

  • mom (to tiny humans, pets, plants, or other kiddos you love to pieces)

  • spouse

  • chef

  • chauffeur

  • maid

  • laundry maiden

  • house manager

  • schedule-maker

  • handy (wo)man

  • CFO/ CEO/ CMO/ C..........O

AND you're running a business, building a career, and holding down the fort in so many other ways. 

Your wahm-life starts and ends at home.

The function and style of your HOME is crucially important to your success in ALL of the roles that you play!!!! This week, my wish for you is that you are able to look at your home in a new way- maybe as a tool, a sanctuary, an organic part of your life- in a way that is positive, inventive, strategic, and filled with purpose and inspiration.

For this 5-day challenge, we will be focusing on ONE ROOM, but the same concepts can apply to your entire home. 

to get started: 

SHARE in the <design club> on Facebook one (or all!) of these things: 

  1. How you feel about your WAHM-life right now

  2. Which room in your home stresses you out the most

  3. What you hope to learn this week about designing/decorating your home

  4. What your dream WAHM-home life looks like

See you when we get started May 30th!

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